The Other Dimension


June 2022

4x 9” x 11” walls, 33 sq ft.

I originally got the idea to create “The Other Dimension” when working on my murals for @scatteredkind ; I really wanted to sit on one of the mushroom stools I painted, and grew jealous of my creatures that were able to exist within a dimension that us humans cannot.

Most of us spend so much time in un-aesthetically pleasing spaces filled with fluorescent lighting, white walls, and a lack of art and nature, which unconsciously drains us. I want to turn my 2D work into more than just a backdrop— I want to create a textured and dynamic world people can not only see, but also feel, hear, and lose themselves in.

This model I created serves as a prototype for an art installation I hope to actually execute for the public. The pool, bathtub, and mushroom chairs depicted will all be lifesize and interactable. “The Other Dimension” will provide all people a safe playground to explore and get in touch with all their senses and authentic selves.

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